FUNCTIONAL BREATHING is not a meditation or mindfulness practice, although it does empower us to be more mindful and in control of our autonomic nervous system, eliminating irrational and emotional moments and calming the mind. It is critical in performance as it is our most basic of movement pattern, helps in metabolizing our food and ensures quality deep sleep, oh yeah, also critical to not being dead!


FUNCTIONAL MOBILITY grants us the freedom to move how we desire. Compete at the very top of your sport, bend over to pick up a box, plant a garden, or sit at a cubicle for extended periods, being Functionally Mobile ensures preparation for all these desires even if they may not be to your heart’s desires.


FUNCTIONAL COMPETENCE is the absence of disease or illness yes, but it’s so much more than that. Once we have a functional human that can functionally breathe and move it is crucial to provide an environment for those genes to express themselves to the greatest of their inheritance.

Get started on your personal performance enhancement program now and; BREATHE efficiently with light, slow and actual deep breaths, MOVE with painless intentional freedom, EAT supportive nutrient dense foods that humans evolved consuming, SLEEP like you deserve to and recover and grow to repeat and LOVE life everyday as the big playful game it should be for the most dominant species on the planet. Stop the devolution of our kind today!

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