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Did you know that everyone who works with me gets access to their very own Client Portal page? Your page grants you access to everything you need to remain connected, engaged, and organized. It allows an open communication channel between us, as well as provides immediate and constant access to your own personal customized content based on the data we extrapolate together and offers different inherent User Based Tools.

As soon as you log in you’ll see the various items available to you: Dashboard, Tools, Calendar, and Forms.

Some views from inside a portal…


The Dashboard varies on individual basis, obviously depending on your current health status, journey and objectives, progress and targets are measured, tracked and shared here. This may consist graphs charting performance metrics and health goals or altitude simulation tests logged or maybe a relevant study that supports the efforts we’ve been generating. Homework drills to expedite progress and potentially video examples demonstrating the strange drill that potentially may be prescribed. Anything and everything that uniquely connects you to us is found in your Dashboard!


Immediately in the Toolbox you have access to our three free Mobility Menu programs: Functional Breathing – Assessment & Improvement, Functional Mobility – Daily Routine and Functional Competence – 8 Basic Principles (as well as a Demo Class). Over time, you can start to accumulate additional useful tools and they’ll never be far away. Of course, this is all also accessible from your mobile device so you can access your Mobility Menu content from anywhere anytime!

Personal Calendar

Each individual also has their own calendar of events to track your upcoming meetings or just in case you need that little extra reminder about those homework assignments…

Constant Contact

One of the benefits of working with us is that we are always there to support your development and can be contacted right through your portal. Some of our most successful programs are based on direct feedback received from clients and understanding exactly what is providing benefit or may not be. Clear, open and honest confidential communication channels are key to success. Using your Client Portal Forms you can send us a note, like a question, or fill out your check-in form in preparation of our next meeting together. All your information is filed away and organized on our end, which helps keep us focused on your focus!

There you have it!

The behind the scenes look at what it’s like being a member of Mobility Menu. Think of it as the perfect online companion tool for our in person (or phone/Zoom) meetings and classes. It gives us more ways to connect with you, keeps you organized, and lets us focus on reaching your goals efficiently.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all!

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