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Dave Peragine

David Peragine

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Hi, I’m David Peragine, married to the love of my life and together we are grateful to have a girl and a boy to love.  I was formally trained in Engineering Technology and a life long (overly;) competitive athlete, obsessed with maximizing performance and self admittedly, a literal nerd of human biology.  My personal passion for human optimization has thankfully become my life focus as I am dedicated to supporting others achieve their optimum health and expression. I played hockey and soccer once I could walk and enjoyed the preparation and ritual of competition and always searched new innovative ways to improve and expand!  My addiction to sport and its accompanying training damaged my frame more than I realized and I was consistently sore, normal right?  No pain no gain?  In actuality, I was ill prepared for the load I was demanding and the typical overreaching symptoms were quickly diminishing any returns from the efforts of my training.

The pursuit for optimal health always connected me back to our roots and the cultures of our ancestors.

Dave Peragine

I practiced the Martial Art of TaeKwonDoe from a very young age which always kept me curious within the realm of Martial Arts and human movement in general.  This curiosity and exploration in movement eventually landed me in my first ‘Hot Yoga’ class, which also became my first lesson of humility.  After years of training in different sports, dojos and studios, wherever I happened to be living at the time, the basic concepts of simple isolated controlled movement was in every practice’s beginning steps.  I have learned to take these years of experience and incorporate the use of Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)’s principles to establish our mobility foundation together, learning to control and articulate your body so we can correctly program to suit your personal goals.

The pursuit for optimal health always connected me back to our roots and the cultures of our ancestors.  Removing the layers of modern influence and supporting our mind and body’s with evolutionarily consistent foods and lifestyle is the best way to provide yourself with the ultimate self expression and show up and perform on your stage every time. This mindset lead me to a certification as a Primal Health and Wellness Coach where we remember how great it is to be Human and take advantage of our amazing complex machine in its simplest form.

Dave Peragine

Something was still missing though, and I found it!  It was the breath and understanding how to amplify its power by simple manipulation patterns.  Our ‘groundbreaking’ personal performance enhancement tool that’s been practiced for thousands and thousands of years by countless disciplines…  I intentionally searched out certification as an Oxygen Advantage Advanced instructor and love to leverage the extensive library of resources we have available to us to help my clients connect their mind and body, reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety, help with panic and asthma symptoms and for our athletes, we will simulate altitude and add another level to your training and maybe the differentiator to separate from the competition.

The family and I live in the Toronto area and service clients virtually or locally in person.  I work with elite level athletes to stay at home Mom’s and top level executives, no matter your goals it all starts at the beginning.  Understanding how to simply be Human is unfortunately not as easy as it used to be in today’s modern digitalized era, let me help!

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