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User - Add New

Add New User

1. Login to

2. In the left hand menu select Users > Add New.

3. In the Add New User window input the client information including: Username, Email, First Name, Last Name, and Password. This can all be changed later by you or the client.

4. Role should remain: Subscriber.

5. In the Profile Privacy section click "Hide profile from guests" and "Hide profile from members" options.

6. Click red Add New User button.

Collect Relevant Forms

7. From the left hand menu select WPForms > All Forms.

8. For any forms you may need to use for this user's Client Portal page, note the 4-digit Shortcode number (ie. "4131") from the Shortcode column on the right side (needed for later).
Client Portal Settings

Generate Private Page

9. From the left hand menu select Users > Client Portal Settings.

10. On the Client Portal Settings page, click the 'Generate pages for existing users' button.

11. Click the View All Pages button.
Private Pages 12. You are now in the Private Pages section. Find the page name for the New User you just created in Step 3.

13. Hover over the user page and click Edit.
Elementor 14. Back near the top of the page, click the red Edit with Elementor button.
Elementor Folder 15. In the middle of the page click the Folder icon to load template pages.
Elementor Template 16. In the window that pops up, click My Templates at the top.

17. Beside the New User template, click the Insert button.

18. When the pop up displays a question asking to Import Document Settings, click Yes.
WPForms Shortcode

Add User's Forms

19. Under the calendar, click the Forms tab.

20. On the left side, you will see the WPForms shortcode for displaying the forms you want to this specific client.

21. Replace the 4-digit WPForms shortcode with whatever form you want to display in this tab.

Dashboard & Activation

22. At the top of the Client Portal page, you can add whatever additional content you want (graphs, text, images, videos, etc.) It's completely customizable to your taste and message.

23. When you are done, click the green Update button in the lower left side of the page.

24. The Client Portal page for the new client is now active.
Save to Dashboard

Exit to Dashboard

25. When you are satisfied with the client's page, click the three line Menu button at the top left, and then Exit to Dashboard.
Astra Settings

Final Settings (Important!)

26. Now you're back in the Edit Private Page area. On the right hand side of the page there is a small menu called Astra Settings. You may need to scroll down. Make sure the settings align with the screenshot to the left.

27. Scroll back up and click the red Update to save all changes.

28. Complete! New Client Portal page is now saved and ready to use.
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