Functional Breathing

If breathing is not normalized, no other movement pattern can be.

Love that quote! And what their study clearly demonstrated was individuals who showed symptoms of a breathing dysfunction also failed their Functional Movement Screen (FMS). Every individual with a passing movement screen grade was also an efficient functional diaphragmatic breather. Whether we agree or disagree with the FMS system analysis, the outcome here is obviously intelligible. If you’re not breathing functionally you’re certainly not moving to your optimal capacity.

An average human takes approximately 20-30,000 breaths per day, which is 30-60% too many, and most are ineffective and rarely extend to the depths of our lungs where the alveoli bloom and increased gas exchange occurs.

The breath can be autonomic and is only that for most of us the majority of the time, but we can sway our Autonomic Nervous System and learn to control the shifts (Parasympathetic State; rest and digest and Sympathetic State; Fight, Flight or Freeze) by understanding our breath’s behaviour and how to manipulate it.

We must stimulate the Parasympathetic system for quality sleep and cycle from Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and Deep and other sleep stages throughout the night. Otherwise, the mind will never calm and allow toxins to be removed from our brain nor allow the musculoskeletal system the time to grow and recover accordingly.

Additionally, our cells use oxygen to metabolize food for energy so ya, may want to have some readily available to help with Electron Transport Chain(ETC) and get that Adenosine Triphosphate(ATP) and have sufficient fuel to crush what we love!

There is no more basic of motor pattern yet for so many it is often overlooked and seldom specifically trained. The breath is easily the most powerful and legal performance enhancement tool and Forced Vital Capacity (FVC or more simply – Respiratory Capacity) is the single greatest marker for all cause mortality, as per the Framingham Study, which has been collecting data now since 1948! Yes, the breath sits a top our hierarchy of modalities and should be trained by all.

Yogi’s, Monks, Athletes, Navy SEALs and Special Forces, CEOs, First Responders, Biohackers and more have been leveraging techniques to improve their performance, maximize longevity and reduce stress and anxiety, when is it your turn to learn these inherent skills and optimize your performance, health and longevity?

Functional Breathwork can be used to…

  • Establish your personal breathing practice
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Prepare for a special event or occasion
  • Enhance personal performance
  • Simulate altitude and reduced oxygen environments
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  • Private and live 1on1, small groups(<4) and large(>4) groups or teams
  • Remote and virtual sessions also available

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