Functional Functional Mobility

Our tissues and joints require movement in order to distribute and lubricate themselves with synovial fluid, it’s in the operating manual trust me.  In the Species’ Olympics we lose in every event.  We are nowhere near the fastest or strongest, we don’t have much to say in size, speed or strength, not to graceful in water either, but we can ‘move’ and we can move so dynamically and become adept regardless the environment.  That’s also why we love to watch an effective and efficient Human mover moving.  For example, parkour or yogi experts, scorpion handstands and flips off of building tops, crawling and climbing are some of the most basic movement patterns we learn as children, jumping, running, throwing, to all the human made tools to speed up and change our frame, mimic other animals or simply enhance our own potential.  To watch an accomplished ballerina or even an experienced student of QiGong flow through the elements or an individual move through ThaiChi patterns are enjoyable visuals that leave the observer dreaming of moving and feeling that flow through their veins.  Why do we love sport?  We (used to) pack stadiums to watch the best athletes, or movers in their field of movement, celebrate the ability to move and think at high speed and to the top of human capacity.  Imagine having the capability to throw a fastball 100+Mph, and then someone else can actually hit that little ball with a chunk of tree…  We are amazingly designed and have evolved under severe and difficult environmental conditions which allowed us to grow even more so resilient.  No matter your current physical status the body is amazingly adaptable and it’s your bodily actions that will help to sculpt the frame desired.

Our body’s evolved based on movements our ancestors had no choice but perform in order to survive and certain expectations are still in place, especially from a biological perspective. Sitting on the couch, car, office, classroom or you name it and then slamming a few hours of aggressive workouts every week, time permitting of course, is a definite recipe for catastrophe and if this is you it’s probably safer for your health to just get real good at sitting cause that’s really where your movement goals align…if you’re an athlete with aspirations of competing at top levels then the mindset of just being prepared for individual training sessions and events will not provide you the edge to separate from your competitors nor the enjoyment of a long career, let alone longevity and a comfortable life after competition is over. Either way, living a sedentary lifestyle, staring at screens, with thoughtless exercise programming on an unprepared frame is nowhere near these evolutionary expectations and probably doing long term harm.

We all want to obtain peak performance but at what cost? I will teach you how to assess your body and then how to program your subsequent activities or any particular focus you find in self-assessments. And not just in general, but practice or training session to session, game to game throughout the seasons and simply, day by day and understanding when to have an all-out max-effort training day and when to ensure time to slow and allow your body the necessary space and time for maximum recovery and ensuing growth.

Functional Mobility grants us the freedom to move how we desire and this freedom begins with limitations and constraints. Incorporate easy to learn personal daily practices specific to your current movability capacity that will mitigate chances of injury, reduce joint pain and discomfort, and enhance your physical abilities from every aspect. Using intentional, controlled movement patterns focused around joint articulation and building tissue resiliency we will ensure to appropriately layer suitable prerequisites to expedite progress towards your personal goals and objectives. Unlock your full physical potential and let’s build your Functional Mobility program now!

Happy Moving!

Functional Mobility can be used to…

  • Mitigate and prevent injury
  • Improve physical strength and tissue resilience
  • Increase joint preparedness
  • Improve stability and balance
  • Maximize agility, explosiveness and speed
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    • Private and live 1on1, small groups(<4) and large(>4) groups or teams
    • Remote and virtual sessions also available

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