"Coach Peragine and I have been working side by side for the past 4 years. The impact Dave has had on my program, players, families and myself included can't be overstated. His knowledge, his passion, his patience and his ability to communicate are second to none and the relationships Dave creates are as genuine as they come. If you are looking to take your movement, your breathing, your balance, your strength to another level. If you are looking to mitigate injuries. If you are looking to fix imbalances. There is no one better! I appreciate everything Dave has brought to my attention and I value his role and friendship to the highest degree. Do yourself a favor and get Dave working with you or your players and start becoming the best version of yourself you can be."
Marc Slawson
Marc Slawson
Coach, Skills Instructor
"David Peragine is exceptional at what he does, and in his teachings. He is one of the most passionate instructors that I have ever worked with. He is so knowledgeable when it comes to mobility, breathing techniques and nutritional information. I marvel at what I see him accomplish in his personal practices. David has helped me understand and achieve things I was never even aware of. David has been also working with my 16yr old son. I’ve seen so much improvement in my son's strength, flexibility and it’s translating into his skating stride. I’m so glad to have been introduced to David."
Dino Laurenza
Dino Laurenza
"I have worked with Dave for several years doing functional mobility. He has helped me grow and strengthen a lot over my training time. Over the years throughout my training, Dave has always been there whenever I needed him, we have developed a strong relationship. He has excellent knowledge of the human body functions and has a deep passion for strength, exercise, and mobility. Dave really teaches me to maximize my strength at throughout my full range of motion. He continues to incorporate new exercises, focusing on the respiratory muscles which gives us an advantage over everybody else. One thing I like about Dave is that he always pushes me to my limits forcing me to build strength at my most vulnerable points, which helps prevent injury and increases my performance. It is a treat working with Dave as I truly saw results in my athletic ability and I thank him very much for all he’s done for me."
Paul Christopoulos
Paul Christopolous
Ontario Hockey League, North Bay Battalion
"It is a pleasure working with Dave throughout the years. Dave helps me strengthen my respiratory muscles, allowing my muscles to last longer than anybody else’s and increasing strength at my maximum range, enhancing my abilities on the ice playing high level hockey. Doing these exercises with Dave gives me a huge advantage over everybody else and he has helped me get better playing hockey with the various exercises he puts me through. My progression playing hockey would not be possible without the mobility/respiratory exercises Dave puts me through. The hard work is so worth it and Dave’s knowledge of the human body targets exactly what I need to do. I love my sessions with Dave, especially the tough ones!"
Alex Christopoulos
Alex Christopolous
Ontario Hockey League, Windsor Spitfires
"Working with Dave these past few months have been life changing. His breathing techniques have helped tremendously with managing my stress and anxiety while also improving my performance, sleep and over all well-being. Dave showed me that breathing can help aid in muscle soreness and pain. He is very attentive, knowledgeable, motivating and understanding. I would definitely recommend him!"
Maria Rosa Berishaj
Maria Rosa Berishaj
Stay at Home Mom
"We are parents to a competitive swimmer and a young hockey player. Both our kids work with coach Peragine and we couldn't be happier. His program caters to each athlete's specific needs. In a short period of time, coach Dave has drastically improved both mobility and endurance of our kids. We highly recommend him to any athlete trying to make the leap to the next level!"
Antoine Possik
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